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标题 作者 期刊 期刊影响因子 年份
41 Polarization-Insensitive Surface Plasmon Polarization Electro-Absorption Modulator Based on Epsilon-Near-Zero Indium Tin Oxide Jin L.; Wen L.; Liang L.; Chen Q.; Sun Y. F. NANOSCALE RESEARCH LETTERS 2.833 2018
42 Precise large deviations for widely orthant dependent random variables with different distributions Gao M. M.; Wang K. Y.; Chen L. M. JOURNAL OF INEQUALITIES AND APPLICATIONS 0.791 2018
43 Programmed Coassembly of One-Dimensional Binary Superstructures by Liquid Soft Confinement Guo D.; Li Y. A.; Zheng X.; Li F. Y.; Chen S. R.; Li M. Z.; Yang Q.; Li H. Z.; Song Y. L. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 13.858 2018
44 Protein staining agents from low toxic platinum(II) complexes with bidentate ligands Zhou Y. Y.; Jia J. L.; Cai L. L.; Huang Y. H. DALTON TRANSACTIONS 4.029 2018
45 Pyrolytically Modified Polyacrylonitrile-Covalently Grafted MoS2 Nanosheets for a Nonvolatile Rewritable Memory Device Fan F.; Zhang B.; Song S. N.; Liu B.; Cao Y. M.; Chen Y. ADVANCED ELECTRONIC MATERIALS 4.193 2018
46 Regime-switching pure jump processes and applications in the valuation of mortality-linked products Dong Y. H.; Yuen K. C.; Wang G. J. COMMUNICATIONS IN STATISTICS-THEORY AND METHODS 0.311 2018
47 Research on an Adaptive Algorithm for Indoor Bluetooth Positioning Luo H.; Niu X. B.; Li J. C.; Chen J. P.; Zou Y. M.; Shen Y. M. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PATTERN RECOGNITION AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 0.994 2018
48 Selective Transformation of beta-Lactam Antibiotics by Peroxymonosulfate: Reaction Kinetics and Nonradical Mechanism Chen J. B.; Fang C.; Xia W. J.; Huang T. Y.; Huang C. H. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 6.198 2018
49 Single Trajectory Learning: Exploration Versus Exploitation Fu Q. M.; Liu Q.; Zhong S.; Luo H.; Wu H. J.; Chen J. P. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PATTERN RECOGNITION AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 0.994 2018
50 Single-stage autotrophic nitrogen removal process at high loading rate: granular reactor performance, kinetics, and microbial characterization Qian F. Y.; Gebreyesus A. T.; Wang J. F.; Shen Y. L.; Liu W. R.; Xie L. L. APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY 3.420 2018
51 Strong magnetization and Chern insulators in compressed graphene/CrI3 van derWaals heterostructures Zhang J. Y.; Zhao B.; Zhou T.; Xue Y.; Ma C. L.; Yang Z. Q. PHYSICAL REVIEW B 3.836 2018
52 Structural and magnetic properties of Fe2P-type R6TTe2 compounds (R = Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, T = Fe, Co, Ru): Magnetic properties and specific features of magnetic entropy change Morozkin A. V.; Genchel V. K.; Knotko A. V.; Yapaskurt V. O.; Yao J. L.; Quezado S.; Malik S. K. JOURNAL OF SOLID STATE CHEMISTRY 2.299 2018
53 Structural, magnetic, and magnetocaloric properties of bilayer manganite La1.38Sr1.62Mn2O7 Yang Y. E.; Xie Y. F.; Xu L. S.; Hu D. Z.; Ma C. L.; Ling L. S.; Tong W.; Pi L.; Zhang Y. H.; Fan J. Y. JOURNAL OF PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF SOLIDS 2.059 2018
54 Synthesis and properties of organic sensitizers bearing asymmetric double donor -pi- acceptor chains for dye-sensitized solar cells Wei H. X.; Shen J. H.; Liu Y. J.; Huang T.; Zhang Q.; Zhao J.; Zhao X. DYES AND PIGMENTS 3.473 2018
55 Synthesis, characterization, and properties of porous silver spheres using rape pollen as novel bio-templates Shen W.; Zhang L. H.; Du Y. C.; Zhao B. W.; Zhou X. MATERIALS LETTERS 2.572 2018
56 Tailored Wakeby-type distribution for random bus headway adherence ratio Zhang M.; Meng Q.; Kang L. J.; Li W. Q. TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART C-EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES 3.805 2018
57 Tunability of Pd-nanogapped H-2 sensors made on SiO2-coated Si micropillar arrays Zhao M.; Wong M. H.; Ong C. W.; Ng N. H.; Man H. C. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL 5.401 2018
58 Ultrasound-assisted biosynthesis of CuO-NPs using brown alga Cystoseira trinodis: Characterization, photocatalytic AOP, DPPH scavenging and antibacterial investigations Gu H. D.; Chen X.; Chen F.; Zhou X.; Parsaee Z. ULTRASONICS SONOCHEMISTRY 4.218 2018
59 Uniform Pt@Pd nanocrystals supported on N-doped reduced graphene oxide as catalysts for effective reduction of highly toxic chromium(VI) Li D. N.; Shao F. Q.; Feng J. J.; Wei J.; Zhang Q. L.; Wang A. J. MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS 2.084 2018

by Dr. Radut