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标题 作者 期刊 期刊影响因子 年份
21 Fabrication and spectral properties of Dy:Y2O3 transparent ceramics Hu Z. W.; Xu X. D.; Wang J.; Liu P.; Li D. Z.; Wang X. D.; Zhang J.; Xu J.; Tang D. Y. JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY 3.411 2018
22 Facile fabrication of nanostructured cerium-manganese binary oxide for enhanced arsenite removal from water Chen J.; Wang J. Y.; Zhang G. S.; Wu Q. Y.; Wang D. T. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL 6.216 2018
23 Facilitated transport of titanium dioxide nanoparticles via hydrochars in the presence of ammonium in saturated sands: Effects of pH, ionic strength, and ionic composition Xu N.; Cheng X. Y.; Zhou K. R.; Xu X. T.; Li Z. L.; Chen J. P.; Wang D. T.; Li D. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 4.900 2018
24 Fast and low-cost patterning of electrodes on versatile 2D and 3D substrates by cutting and origami cohesive thermoplastic for biosensing applications Shi Z. Z.; Wu X. S.; Lu Y.; Lu Z. S.; Li C. M.; Yu L. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL 5.401 2018
25 Galvanic exchange-formed ultra-low Pt loading on synthesized unique porous Ag-Pd nanotubes for increased active sites toward oxygen reduction reaction Zhao Z. L.; Wang Q.; Zhang L. Y.; An H. M.; Li Z.; Li C. M. ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA 4.798 2018
26 Graphene oxide incorporated alginate hydrogel beads for the removal of various organic dyes and bisphenol A in water Gan L.; Li H.; Chen L. W.; Xu L. J.; Liu J.; Geng A. B.; Mei C. T.; Shang S. M. COLLOID AND POLYMER SCIENCE 1.723 2018
27 Grasping Claws of Bionic Climbing Robot for Rough Wall Surface: Modeling and Analysis Jiang Q. S.; Xu F. Y. APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL 1.679 2018
28 Growth and optical properties of Dy:Y3Al5O12 crystal Pan Y. X.; Zhou S. D.; Li D. Z.; Liu B.; Song Q. S.; Liu J.; Liu P.; Ding Y. C.; Wang X. D.; Xu X. D.; Xu J. PHYSICA B-CONDENSED MATTER 1.386 2018
29 Growth, microstructure and transport properties of ultrathin epitaxial La0.5Ca0.5MnO3 films prepared by laser molecular beam epitaxy Liu G. Z.; Wei J.; Zhao R.; Qiu J.; Gao J. VACUUM 1.530 2018
30 Hydrothermal Synthesis of Mesoporous KIT-6/Expanded Graphite Composite for Effective Removal of Methylene Blue Wu Z. Y.; Lin Y.; Cui R. Y.; Xu N.; Chen Z. G.; Chen F.; Liu C. B. SCIENCE OF ADVANCED MATERIALS 1.671 2018
31 Large valley polarization in monolayer MoTe2 on a magnetic substrate Li N. B.; Zhang J. Y.; Xue Y.; Zhou T.; Yang Z. Q. PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 4.123 2018
32 Low-fouling PES membranes fabricated via in situ copolymerization mediated surface zwitterionicalization Liu D. P.; Zheng J. Z.; Wang X.; Lu X. W.; Zhu J.; He C. J. NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY 3.269 2018
33 Modeling the effects of farming management practices on soil organic carbon stock at a county-regional scale Chen Z.; Wang J.; Deng N. R.; Lv C. H.; Wang Q.; Yu H. B.; Li W. J. CATENA 3.191 2018
34 Modelling impact fracture and fragmentation of laminated glass using the combined finite-discrete element method Chen X. D.; Chan AHC INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF IMPACT ENGINEERING 2.938 2018
35 Noether's Theorem and its Inverse of Birkhoffian System in Event Space Based on Herglotz Variational Problem Tian X.; Zhang Y. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THEORETICAL PHYSICS 0.964 2018
36 Noether's theorems for dynamical systems of two kinds of non-standard Hamiltonians Song J.; Zhang Y. ACTA MECHANICA 1.851 2018
37 Novel Chern insulators with half-metallic edge states Xue Y.; Zhao B.; Zhu Y.; Zhou T.; Zhang J. Y.; Li N. B.; Jiang H.; Yang Z. Q. NPG ASIA MATERIALS 9.157 2018
38 Pattern Classification of Epileptic Electroencephalograms Signal Based on Improved Feature Extraction Method Zhou T.; Yang P. L. JOURNAL OF MEDICAL IMAGING AND HEALTH INFORMATICS 0.621 2018
39 Photoelectric characteristics of rare earth element Eu-doped MoS2 thin films Shi W. L.; Li Z. C.; Wang L.; Wu S. Y.; Zhang G. N.; Meng M. F.; Ma X. Y. OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS 1.588 2018
40 Photovoltaic Effect in Graphene/MoS2/Si Van der Waals Heterostructures Shi W. L.; Ma X. Y. COATINGS 2.175 2018

by Dr. Radut